Dukan Diet Attack Phase: Recipe Questions

If you are starting the Dukan Diet attack phase, you are probably thinking about recipes and what you can and cannot eat. Below we answer some of the more frequently asked questions about the attack phase and the type of foods you can eat.

I never normally eat breakfast. Do I have to eat breakfast during the attack phase?

Yes, you must eat breakfast during your diet. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It provides you with energy to get through the morning and gives your digestive system a wake-up call. Start by eating something light for breakfast, for example, a non-fat yoghurt or, if you prefer something savoury, a light omelette.

The attack phase of the diet is very restrictive. Do I have to eat meat for every meal?

Whilst meats make up the majority of pure proteins that you are allowed during the attack phase, you can also eat fish, eggs and non-fat dairy products. You do not have to eat a plateful of meat for every meal. You can add sauces to your meat or fish to make them tastier and interesting to eat. For example, if you like chicken, you can sauté it with chillies, or lemon and capers. How about spicy chicken kebabs or marinated Indian chicken? There are numerous possibilities of how to combine the proteins to make tasty meals to see you through to the cruise phase of the diet .

I work in an office with a canteen black latte kruidvat. What can I eat for lunch?

Lunch is always tricky when you are on a diet, particularly if you work. If you have a canteen onsite, ask for a meat only dish without sauces or ask if they will make an omelette for you. If this isn’t possible, you will have to prepare your own lunch in advance.

I have to cook for my family. How can I cook a meal that we will all enjoy?

Just because you are on a diet, does not mean you have to cook or eat separately from your family. Many of the recipes for the attack phase can be adapted so that you can enjoy them with your family. You can make Indian chicken and add rice for the family members not on the diet. How about meatballs with rosemary and mint with added spaghetti for your family?

Where do I find ideas for the cruise phase of the diet?

You can purchase the Dukan Diet Recipe book, which is full of ideas to take you through the attack and cruise phases of the diet. Alternatively, browse the Internet for recipes or join one of the online forums where you can swap ideas and menu plans with others who are doing the diet.

Before you start the attack phase of the Dukan Diet, it is worthwhile planning your recipes in advance to ensure you stick to the protein plan and give yourself the best advantage of losing weight.

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