After A Month Of Visits To A Pilates Studio You Will Notice A Difference

There are so many competing fitness regimens out there these days. Proponents of each one suggest that their routine is the one which will transform your body and cure all ills and change your life. Hard to believe, isn’t it? You want to get in better shape but you don’t want to end up hurting yourself or burning yourself out on a program that ultimately isn’t sustainable. You aren’t trying to look like a bikini model or a bodybuilder. You aren’t interested in spending your entire life in a gym either. You just want to improve your health and wellbeing. Sounds like you should visit a Pilates studio and see what they’re about.

Most common questions about pilates:

 I’ve heard of Pilates. My girlfriend takes Pilates courses but all she can tell me is that they’re hard.

Just a little context you girlfriend may have overlooked: developed by Joseph Pilates in the 30′s and 40′s the system of exercises which would later on become referred to as Pilates concentrated on improving core strength and balance through precisely controlled movements. It has gained slowly in recognition in the last 70 years and is now a worldwide sensation with numerous variations. And yes, it is hard.

I’m not sure I am up to something too strenuous

While Pilates is difficult, even strenuous, it isn’t a high impact type of exercise at all, in fact, it isn’t even considered a cardio workout. The advantage of Pilates would be that the movements are controlled and precise and for that reason, the courses can be pursued by practically anyone.

I occasionally have back issues, will I be able to do a Pilates routine?

Not only CAN you do the courses but they are highly recommended. Lower back problems can often be quickly and dramatically alleviated through strengthening the core muscle groups. Many people who have struggled for years with back problems have found a new lease on life through Pilates. The benefits from a well-toned core muscle group are so dramatic that many professional athletes have turned to Pilates to help improve their flexibility and ward off injury.

Will I be able to SEE a noticeable in my body?

You absolutely will see a big difference. The type of muscles built by way of Pilates are long and flexible and create a trim taught looking physique. Conditioning of core muscle groups will often drastically improve your posture and it isn’t unusual for folks to appear taller simply as a result of a time spent at a Pilates studio.

If you’re intrigued and you would like to discover more about Pilates and the possible benefits check out a Pilates workshop in your area and speak with the instructor afterwards. Also, of course, there is a wealth of information available online as well as at bookstores and libraries. Pilates could be precisely what you’ve been looking for.

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