3 Reasons to Choose the Dukan Diet to Lose Weight

The Dukan Method was created by a French doctor and has gained huge popularity in France and most recently the U.K. Pierre Dukan was a neurologist and happened to dispense some diet advice after much prodding to a patient who was also a friend. His friend returned having dropped a lot of weight and Dr Dukan developed an interest in nutrition and weight loss. Now, after decades of research and in practice, he has successfully helped countless people lose weight.

Reasons to choose the Dukan Diet

Now, here are the three top reasons to choose the Dukan Diet Plan for your weight loss.

One of the main problems dieters often have is a lack of motivation when they don’t see results. When you lose weight quickly, you feel like what you are doing is working and you want to keep doing it. If you don’t feel like you are seeing results, it is hard to keep motivated and stay on course with your diet. The Dukan Diet offers results right away.

You follow it and you lose weight quickly – it’s as simple as that. The reason you lose weight so quickly on with the Dukan Method is that you start out eating only lean proteins in unlimited quantity. As you lose pounds quickly, you will stay motivated to continue the diet even though it may be difficult because you will know that it is working.

A major factor that differentiates the Dukan Diet from other diet plans is the structured approach to maintaining weight loss. In his research and practice, Pierre Dukan found that people have the most trouble knowing what to do after they have lost the weight and need to transition into real-life eating.

He developed a plan to help dieters through this transition. After you have lost the weight you want in the first two phases of the diet, the third phase is all about transitioning into normal eating. You stay in this phase a certain number of days based on exactly how many pounds you lost in the previous two phases. In the final phase, you can eat what you like six days a week. On the seventh day, you must follow the first phase of the diet meal plan eating only lean protein. You maintain your goal weight for life by continuing to do this once a week for as long as you want to maintain.

Maybe it’s because he is French but Dr Dukan does not believe you need to eat fake processed foods, protein shakes and power bars to lose weight. He posits that you can lose weight eating delicious recipes that combine lean proteins with herbs and spices used liberally to create tasty, whole foods in each phase of your diet. In his book and online you can find loads of great Dukan Diet recipes so you can make flavorful dishes during each phase of the diet. No need to sacrifice flavour during your diet. He even offers some lovely dessert recipes for each phase of the diet for those who crave sweets.

Hopefully, these three reasons to choose the Dukan Diet have helped you decide if the method is right for you.

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